Welcome to xyzio engineering! xyzio.com is coded in C#/ASP.NET and runs on Mono at OVH.



Analog Desert - A Digital Ocean Android Client
Android Flashlight App - A free open source flashlight app
Random Chipotle Order! - Need Chipotle? Don't know what to order? Random Chipotle Order can help!

Nixie Tube Power Supply - A low cost open source high voltage power supply designed to power nixie tubes
DS3231 breakout board - A fully independent breakout board for the DS3231 RTC chip. No external components required
Binary Clock - Every engineer must design and build one in his or her lifetime

BingoWords Puzzle Designer - A Bingo Card and Wordsearch Puzzle Designer I wrote to teach myself C# and ASP.NET.
RSS Feed Creator - Hosted RSS Feed Maker.
Bingo Card Maker - A free online tool for generating Bingo Cards.
Word Search Puzzle Maker - A free online tool for generating Wordsearch puzzles.
Time Saved By Speeding Calculator - How much time do you save by driving faster.

Stuff For Sale

Nixie Tube Power Supply
Joule Thief


Some interesting articles from my blog:

ArduiNIX Review
Getting Started with the Atmel AVR
Micromouse Page
Setting Up a Proxy Server using Apache

Misc Applications

amzn.com affiliate link creator
UUID generator and JSON web service
Microsites - small sites built using the Django Python web programming framework