A Joule Thief is a small efficient voltage boost circuit that can run on a very low input voltages. This means that it will use up almost all the energy in a power source, hence the name - it will use or steal every Joule of energy from your battery!

Every Joule Thief Kit comes with all the components you need to build your very own self contained and fully functional Joule Thief, including a battery holder and switch to turn the Joule Thief on and off so you don't have to remove the battery.


Unlike flashlights, A Joule thief will run for several days on a single battery. The low voltage means it can be used as a night light without harming children, keep one in your car for emergencies,

Every kit includes:

  • All required resistors, capacitors, and inductors
  • A premimum AA battery holder with a tight fitting cover to keep the battery secure
  • A switch to turn the Thief on and off without having to remove the battery
  • A new AA battery to get you started after you assemble the kit
  • A cool red PCB to to hold everything together

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A Joule Thief kit is only $10 + $2 for shipping. Additional kits are just $10 each. Every kit is shipped to your door via USPS First Class Mail.

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