Online Word Search Generator

Use this free online Wordsearch Generator to generate an unlimited number of Wordsearch puzzles using your own words or pre-defined wordlists.

This page lets you generate Word Search puzzles online. Enter a title, the number of copies, the desired grid size, and select the allowed directions for the words. Then select a pre-defined list of words or enter your own.

Click the 'Generate' button to generate the puzzle. The last page will contain the solution with the hidden words in bold. Some words may not fit and they will not be listed on the puzzle.

Puzzle Title (Default is 'Word Search'):

Number of Copies to Generate (Default is 5):

Desired Grid Size (Max is 20):

Allowed Directions:

Select a pre-defined list of words and/or enter your own:

Select a Pre-Defined Category:


Enter your own words - 1 at a time:



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